Get ViRC and My ViRC Scripts Here!

The Cap'n Sez:

"Please read the whole page before downloading."

A Major Point I Should Mention is that although ViRC was Developed several years ago. It has been found to work very well on ALL Windows Platforms! That is: Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP! And with good scripts loaded it just keeps getting better as time goes by. Really An "Oldie But Goodie"!
ViRC97 || Manifold Script (2006) || GnowScript as exe file || ManifoldScript Setup
NOTE: GnowScript is now included in the ManifoldScript. There is no longer a need to download it seperately. I have left it for download anyway as some people may want to use it for their own scripting purposes.
( See Addendum at bottom of page. Also be sure and check out the other pages. )

Most important is ViRC'97 itself. If you don't have it yet, get it Now!

You may now Download ViRC as the normal "Zip" File or as a Self Extracting exe File.
I recommend using the exe file.

Get ViRC (Zip File: Click here) or Download the ViRC Self Extracting File Here

FIRST: Create a new folder on your C Drive and name it Virc. (C:\Virc)
Put ALL your Virc stuff in that Virc Folder. That is Scripts, wav files, etc, etc.....whatever....

TIP: If you are loading ViRC for the first time. Tell it to install into C:\Virc when it asks you. (That is: Install to C: (colon)\ (backslash) Virc.

Note: No, I'm not trying to treat you like a "lamer". I have encountered a number of times that people have installed ViRC into folders with odd names, .. into the Windows Folder itself or Program Files or some other such place. That can become a slight problem sometimes as certain "older" (eta) features of the scripting expect ViRC to be in a folder named C:\Virc.

Installing ViRC:

If you Downloaded the EXE File just Click it. You should see this Message Box:
The message box for self extracting file
Upon clicking "OK" You should see another message box to complete the process:
The 'UNZIP' box for self extracting file
Just click the "unzip" button:

Next You will see the "Setup" box:
The 'Setup' box for Installing the Virc Folder
You MUST Type C:\Virc in the setup box as shown below:
The 'Setup' box with the C:\Virc added properly

Now You Must find you Virc Folder on your C Drive:
Look for the virc97 icon and click it to start the actual setup.
The virc97.exe 'Setup' icon
After you've found and clicked virc97 you'll see the actual setup Install:
The 'Setup' box for virc97
After Clicking "Install" on the virc97 setup you'll then see this box:
The 'Create Program Group Box' box
After Clicking "Yes" to add the program group "box", next you'll see the box to input your "nickname" and other info:
The 'Setup' box for your nickname and personal info
In This box (Panel) put in the nickname you want to use when online and the other required info.
(The info such as "myNick", etc are simple examples. Put your own name, etc in the blank spaces)

Next You'll probably want to "add" the IRC Server you want to use:
Simply Click the Little "Down Arrow" on the right side where it says and you'll then see the Server Box. See Below.
The 'New Server Setup' box
Just click the "Add New Server" and put in the address of the IRC server.
NOTE: You may use the servers IP numbers if you wish.
For instance you might enter the IP numbers instead of the (.org,,, .net, etc.)
(The IP numbers will let you logon to the "vetscor" IRC server)
One Other Thing: If you're not going to an IRC Server on Undernet, EFnet, or Dalnet
BE Sure and set Net: to "Other".

Now, on to my own humble scripting efforts.

Note: I have combined the best parts of all previous ManifoldScript series into a single Manifold Script
Enjoy :)

NOTE: I no longer offer the others of the VMS series for Download.
(Manifold-SLS, TC, TCB, VMS-basicscript, etc.)

ManiFoldScript2006: Upgrade of The ManifoldScript: This "upgrade" will add several new and much needed features to the original ManifoldScript series.

Download it here:
(It would probably be best to Download the ManiFold2006 Script into your Virc Folder. C:\Virc)
Click to Download new Manifold2006 Script

Now Go to the Manifold2006 Script install page!
Click here for ManifoldScript Page
Click Here

Manifold2006 Now has AgentDDE text-to-speech engine installed and ready for setup.

See AgentDDE Help Page.

For those who may need more help in understanding how to setup ViRC, I recommend that you email me.
NOTE: Please include the words Virc Help in the Subject of your Email.
Otherwise my Spam Catcher might "bounce" your email.

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Addendum#2: I have compiled an archive of what is probably every ViRC Script that was ever offered for Download. If you need a ViRC Script and can't find it elsewhere just Email me and I'll send it to you.

Thank you.
CaptainV (aka Fiddlstix)