ViRC and ManiFoldScript2006 Extra Information

Welcome To ViRC & ManifoldScript2006 Extra Features

A Major Point I Should Mention is that although ViRC was Developed several years ago. It has been found to work very well on ALL Windows Platforms! That is: Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP! And with good scripts loaded it just keeps getting better as time goes by. An "Oldie But Goodie"!

Two points of some interest:

ViRC may be minimized like any other Windows program.
(See Below)

ViRC may also be minimized to the Tasktray:
(See Below)

When ViRC is in the Tasktray the ViRC Watchdog becomes active. This is a very handy feature of ViRC. ViRC will pop up a message box if you receive a private message to notify you.
Plus: When using the Manifold2006 Script ViRC will notify you if people start talking on a "slow channel" (chat room).
It will also notify you if you unexpectedly lose connection with your server.
These features are easily enabled/disabled with a simple mouse click.
If you chose to use the MS Agent Speech Engine it will remain active regardless if ViRC is minimized to the Tray or minimized as normal.

There is an included feature which will allow you to /msg nickserv identify with your password.
Very Handy Feature.
See Graphic Below:
Just open the Alias Editor and scroll down till you find the Alias named PASSWD.
Replace password with your real password. That's all there is to it.
You may use Alt+P to Identify with nickserv or you may use the "Key" in the "Server Window".
(See Below)

Once connected to the server and loggedin just click the little "Key" in the server window.
It will identify you to nickserv also.
You may also click on the channel names to directly /join those channels. (rooms)

NOTE: The Graphic used here to illustrate was made for use on the vetscor server.

Email me and I can make you a simple "addon" script to use your favorite channels for the server you go to.

If You've Installed ViRC properly as per the instructions and Loaded the GnowScript and ManifoldScript2006 properly as per the instructions, the your screen should look similar to the Graphic Below:

 Click To Enlarge the Graphic:
(Click on the Graphic to enlarge full size)

This shows what ViRC should look like (more or less depending on how your version of Windows was installed and setup) when you are in a channel (chat room)

For Those who would like to use and/or test other scripts, there is a way to have more than one version of ViRC all running together.
Here's How:
It's Easy!

You can set it up under a different user name. This is done by running ViRC with the -user option
from Start -> Run. ie.

c:\virc\virc97.exe -user Version2

(See Graphic Below)

This will create a new user profile in your registry where all Version2 events, aliases and settings will be stored, separate from your default settings and script setups.

To more rapidly gain access to your Version2, create a shortcut on your desktop to it (Right-Click -> New -> Shortcut) using the same startup line as above (c:\virc\virc97.exe -user Version2)

See Graphic Below:

When You Click "Next", You'll see a box like the one below:

It Would be best if you changed the default virc97.exe to a name of your chosing as per the Graphic below:

Now You're all set up with another version of ViRC totally independent of your original ViRC installation.

One other thing, you do not have to use the -user name "Version2".
You may use any name you choose and you may also use this little trick to make other versions of ViRC.

For instance, I have 5 different versions of Virc on one of my compters for testing and scripting purposes.
Have Fun!

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