ViRC and ManiFoldScript2006 Technical Information

Welcome To ViRC & ManifoldScript2006 Techie Info

A Point I Should also Mention is that ViRC is very user friendly and very easy for "Newbies" to setup and use.
It is also of great interest to the seasoned programmer due to all the advanced scripting features.

Just a bit of Techie info about ViRC for those who may be interested.
For instance you can Load other scripting languages into ViRC.
The Graphics below show how I have ViRC scipting setup on one of my computers.

As you can see I have Java, Vbasic, Perl, Python, etc loaded into ViRC.
The default scripting language for ViRC is called VSC.
VSC doesn't appear on the list for that reason. The scripting languages show are those added by the user.
It is also very easy to write script code for an alias or event in ViRC using any other scripting language.
Example below:

Language JavaScript

(Script Code goes here)


An illustrated example:

Language JavaScript
var j = 0;
for (i = 1; i <= 1000; i++)
j += i;
ViRCScript.Execute("MessageBox " + j);

In this example you've used Javascript to sum all the numbers from 1 to 1000 and display the result in a standard ViRCScript message box.

As you see you're not stuck with only one method of writing some specialized code as with other IRC client programs.

ViRC also has a Delphi Converter included. This is a very handy feature too. It is Dconv.exe

Example Below:

DCONV infile.dfm outfile.vsc

This will convert the Delphi code from infile.dfm to the ViRCScript code outfile.vsc.

Another very handy function available in ViRC.

In addition to the default VSC script code ViRC also have another default code called ObjectViRCScript code.

I have included a lot of documentation which can be accessed by clicking Help.