Loading The ManiFoldScript2006

Welcome To ManifoldScript2006

A Major Point I Should Mention is that although ViRC was Developed several years ago. It has been found to work very well on ALL Windows Platforms! That is: Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP! And with good scripts loaded it just keeps getting better as time goes by. An "Oldie But Goodie"!

Now let's get on with it, shall we? If you haven't already Downloaded the Manifold2006 Script then Do It Now! (Click Here)

After Downloading the ManiFold2006 Script look for the Icon and click it.

(The Manifold2006 Icon)
Click the Manifold2006 Icon and you should see the message box:
See Below.

Click the OK and next you'll see another message box:

Click Unzip and a bunch of new files, subfolders, wavs, etc will be installed in your Virc folder.
When complete you should see the next message box:

Now Click the "OK" and Congrats! You have the Manifold2006 Tool Kit installed successfully into your Virc (C:\Virc) Folder.

NEXT: The Scripts Must be "Loaded" into ViRC. There are two (2) Scripts which must be loaded.

FIRST and Foremost the GnowScript MUST be loaded. This is very Important. Manifold2006 will NOT work properly Unless the Gnowscript is loaded first.
Note: None of my scripts will work without the GnowScript loaded first. The GnowScript utilities are the backbone of all my scripting efforts.

It is a simple process.
Start ViRC.
At the top of the screen you should see something like this:
(See Below)

Click on Scripting and a little "menu box" will open. Click on Load Script...
And another box will open.
See Example Below:

Scroll across using the slider bar and find the GnowScript. (See Example) It may say GnowScript only or it might be GnowScript.vsc as per the graphic. That depends on how your version of Windows it setup. Either way it will work. Just "Highlight" GnowScript and click "Open" and the Script will Load.
Just Click "Yes" on any message boxes that may pop up.

Once GnowScript had finished Loading you'll see a setup panel.
See Example Below:

Leave the settings as they are. The script is already set for the most favored defaults. Just click OK and you're finished loading the GnowScript.

WARNING: You will see some other Scripts such as fetch, guess, clock, webserv, etc. DO NOT Load any of those Scripts.
Those Scripts were included with ViRC as Demo Scripts to show what is possible using VS Scripting.
For our purposes we only want GnowScript and ManiFold2006 loaded.


Use the same method as described above for loading the GnowScript except this time select the ManifoldScript2006 and load it.

To recap: Go to Scripting. Click it and then select Load Script.. and Click that. When the box open scroll across and find ManifoldScript2006, highlight it and load it.
You will see a message box. Just click "Yes" and load the script.

When ManifoldScript2006 has completed loading into ViRC you'll see another message box.
Example Below:

Click the Close and exit Virc.

After that Re Start ViRC and you should see all kinds of new icons and lots of valuable tools and toys to make ViRC very, very useful and fun.

The Top of your ViRC Screen should now look similar to the Graphic shown below:
(Depending on how your Version of Windows is installed and setup)

Manifold2006 Now has AgentDDE text-to-speech engine installed and ready for setup.

See AgentDDE Help Page.

For ManifoldScript2006 Extra Features Click Here!