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About Me: I was born in a humble Log Radio Shack that I helped my father build.
I never knew my mother because she left dad about 4 months before I was born.
I have only one brother but we have never been close because he is an only child.

My dad didn't want me to feel deprived as a child so he bought me an electronics kit. With it I built a computer and entered into the dangerous world of programming. I became a Propellerhead.

Although I'm a Propellerhead I'm not a total weirdo. I have a romantic side too. When I'm in a sentimental mood I read poetic passages to my beloved from my collection of UNIX manuals.
Admitedly, My romantic tendencies have led to some unfortunate results at times.

Unlike most Propellerheads, I have an active social life. I especially like the holiday season.
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I should mention that I'm a religious person.

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You are highly observant and mindful. You take in a lot of information, and you're very perceptive.
You are flexible and adaptable. You adjust easily to life's changes, as drastic as they may be.

You tend to have neutral moods. You don't experience crazy highs or lows.
You are talented at brainstorming and independent thinking. You believe in your ideas.
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The photo was taken in 1977.